Haydream - Natural Bedding
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Our story.

Farmers' sons with a
heart for the trade.

The story of Niels and Brecht starts at school in Poperinge. They both love farming, freedom and living in nature. Sheep in the meadow and fields full of crops.

Sons of farmers with a heart for their trade, although over the years it's particularly their ambitions and the desire to undertake things that grow.

On a bed of hay.

The hay in our own fields provides inspiration.
On hot summer days, it smells warm and sweet.

The healing and relaxing effect of hay has been known for a long time, especially among farmers. And soon the young entrepreneurs had a plan. Pillows with hay in combination with synthetic filling are an untapped market. Haydream. Because when you sleep on hay, you go to dreamland faster. Hay soothes, calms and increases the quality of your sleep.

Why hay?

A new generation.

It thinks in a future-oriented and innovative way.

A generation of entrepreneurs. Hard workers with a business plan. They respect the agricultural sector but want to do things differently from their (grand)parents. They think in terms of the future and are innovative. They opt for agricultural and local, but dream big.

In the past, haymakers rested in the fresh hay after work.
The smell, the comfort, the link with agriculture. As entrepreneurs, they were excited to do something innovative with it!

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